From Booking to Check-Out: Hotel Tips for a Great Travel Experience

January 23rd, 2015

We’ve all heard the horror stories: bedbugs, lost luggage, sold out hotels, etc. Fortunately, there are ways to make your travel experience smooth and delightful, with very little work at all. Follow these hotel tips to help you make your next trip the trip you’ve always wanted.

Choosing a Hotel

There are numerous sites out there to help you narrow down what hotel has the amenities you want and need – such as,, and more. Hotel tips and recommendations can be found easily on these sites, which make them a huge asset for your travel planning. Use their features to see what they have to offer and what other people like you have had to say about the hotel you are researching. Some things to keep in mind are location, price, whether a hotel is family-oriented or maybe better for a romantic getaway, if meals are provided, etc. For best reviews, cross-reference between a few sites to see if the ratings and reviews are consistent!


Booking a hotel several months in advance can lead to significant savings provided it is not the weekend of a major event. If you have a rewards card or are a member of AAA or other programs, it might be worth looking into to see if the hotel can offer a discount. Find out if the hotel has your room guaranteed, even if you arrive late – after all, travel delays are difficult to predict and the last thing you want is to lose your room due to a delayed plane! Make sure you write down all confirmation numbers or confirm that you have received an email with your reservation details.


How the hotel staff treats you can make or break a vacation. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about great restaurants nearby or sites to visit if you don’t have a specific vacation plan. Getting to know the staff and viewing a new place through the eyes of a local can make a good vacation great.


In the rush of departing a hotel, it can be easy to leave things behind. Check that you have everything you need – even if that means pulling back the covers and the sheets! If you need a later check-out, talk to the hotel staff first – they may be able to accommodate you, or they may be able to place your luggage to the side so you can continue to explore.

Travel can be a great, relaxing experience if you go about it with the right attitude. Do your research and leave room for new, unplanned experiences!

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