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Rapidly Secure Any Door! I'm Going To Teach Anyone How To Keep Their Door Secure In Less Than 30 Seconds

If you're a person needing added security and someone who needs to prevent getting your door kicked in, but can't find anything that works, The Travelers Security Lock is the answer you've been looking for!

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How long does it take to install the lock on the door?

Once you install the lock a time or two, you will be able to install the lock in a matter of seconds.

Does the lock work on every style door?

No. The lock will attach properly to any single entry door (properly installed) that swings into the room (house entry doors, motel doors, dorm room, bedroom doors, many applications).

Can the lock go through airport security?

To date, there has not been any reports of security issues. (The lock has been overseas as well as Continental US with no reported issues.)

Does the lock prevent credit card or cylinder bumping entry?

Yes. These are two of the most common ways both novice and pros gain entry to a room. Both of these forms of entry are eliminated.

How much does the lock weigh?

Because the main lock assembly is made of high strength aircraft grade aluminum, the lock weighs in at 7.3oz, making it ideal for purse travel.

How big is the lock?

The lock assembly fits in a case about the size of a standard case for a pair of eye glasses.

What happens if the lock breaks or bends?

While this can only happen in extreme situations or if the door or lock is improperly installed, it most likely means it has potentially saved a life. We will gladly warrant any lock for life against workmanship and product quality.

What about emergency personnel being able to get in my home with the lock on the door?

If you know emergency personnel are in route, you may want to take the lock off the door. Emergency personnel are trained on how to get in a home and have the tools and knowledge to get in. However, it could slow down entry to your home.

Can the lock be used on a door with glass near the lock?

Yes. If someone were to break the glass, they can reach in and undo the lock. However, some criminals do not want to make a lot of noise breaking glass to gain entry. Even a glass door is more secure with the lock installed.

Will the lock damage the door with regular use?

Not if properly used. Do not over tighten in hollow core doors or on soft wood trim. The lock is designed to be installed snug, but not over tightened.

Can it be used on right and left hand doors?

Yes. See instructions supplied with lock for proper use.

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