Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers who have purchased Travelers Security Lock.

Dear Travelers Security Lock LLC,

I want to take this opportunity to express how delighted I am with your product. During my recent travels to Israel. I used the lock at all of my hotel locations. It fit on the door perfectly, installed in a couple seconds and was removed in a second. The lock gave me the security that I was protected from an unwanted invasion into my room.

Next month I will travel to Mexico, Honduras and Belize and your product is already in my suite case ready to go. This lock gives me the peace of mind to fall asleep in a hotel room knowing no one can enter into my room unless I remove the lock. Everyone should make this lock part of their travel equipment for both in the States and travel overseas. It also works well for side garage doors, back and front doors when you want extra protection from an intruder entering your home.

~ Patricia Bateman, Valrico, Florida

I have the Travelers Security Lock for when I travel after watching the news on how easy it was for anyone to get into my hotel room. But I am really glad I have it because I live alone and there are times I would hear someone jiggling the lock on my door as if trying to get inside. I now use the lock every night just to feel safe because I know that there is no way anyone is coming in that door once I have set the lock. So thank you for inventing this. I am so happy and I really feel secure.

~ Ty

It is so easy to install and gives us the security that we wanted! It also looks extremely well made. Will have to purchase more as gifts for relatives and friends.

~ Francie

This lock is amazing! I bought one and installed it after other imitators found on Amazon failed. This lock is as described; we purchased the lock after the recent shootings in the school systems. We keep the lock on the front door, and onced installed, no one is able to enter regardless if they have a key or a crow bar!! We sleep so much better knowing we are safe! Thinking about getting more for family and my parents in particular! A+++++++

~ Dave

This thing is awesome. Such a great idea using simple concepts, surprised no one thought of this before. I have bought two of these locks now. I was so impressed that I gave one to my parents, who do a lot of traveling, for Christmas. They love it as well.

~ Steve

Needed a lock to keep a foster animal in a back room away from the other cat. This works perfectly — very sturdy and easy to use.

~ Judith